About Us

MARS Armament, Inc is a responsive custom shop specializing in high quality Colt 1911 and AR15 weapons and related equipment.  
Our uncompromising approach to building high performance carry guns and related gear is backed by many years experience
and a well equipped machine shop.

MARS provides service to a wide variety of customers in elite military units, local and federal law enforcement; competition shooters,
carry permit holders, and discriminating collectors.

Featuring advanced construction techniques, high quality parts, composite materials, and corrosion and wear resistant finishes, MARS equipment excels in demanding environments. Hallmarks of MARS work and equipment are long lived reliability, user friendliness, easy maintenance, and exceptional build quality, backed by a tradition of careful attention to detail and personal service. Products available on this shopping cart reflect these values.

We are committed to producing the best in hardware, and handwork that is superlative in fit and function. Whether you have work performed on your weapon or purchase items from our web store, you can rest assured it won't leave our shop until the product is the best available.

We hope our new website will provide some insight into our capabilities, services, and products. Your comments are appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Morrison and the MARS team.